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Protect Your Points

Don't let Congress take off with your credit card rewards

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Proposed legislation in the U.S. House and Senate could devastate the future of credit card points including cash back and travel rewards, while putting your financial security at risk.

Tell Congress to protect your points

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What's going on?

Credit card issuers use payment networks like Visa and Mastercard to process charges to your card. Using these robust networks for payments secures your information and charges the merchant an interchange fee.

The Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 would change that. If it becomes law, that same payment could move to a cheaper, less secure network that sacrifices your security. As a result, banks that issue credit cards would have less ability to fund loyalty programs, secure their networks, and innovate their payment technology.

Learn more from The Points Guy Brian Kelly in this video from CNBC:

How it could impact you

  1. Higher fees + fewer credit card
    rewards for consumers

    A portion of credit card transaction fees goes toward funding reward programs and card perks. If this legislation passes, credit card issuers would likely cut back on benefits they offer to cardholders.

  2. Increased risk for identity theft
    + security issues

    This legislation not only has the potential to impact your points and perks — it could impact your security when shopping. Existing payment networks invest millions of dollars in customer security, so allowing retailers to select newer, cheaper and unproven providers could put your personal information at risk.

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